Special Design for Stone Polymer Composite Planks - Wood Pattern SPC flooring Tile – TopJoy

Most of people love nature and are huge fans of wooden flooring when comes to decorate their housings and apartments. But with the accelerated global warming and over deforestation, people start to realize that natural wood resource is not infinite, particularly those scarce ones. At TopJoy designs flooring, we have Wood Pattern SPC flooring Tile just like how you would like natural wood floors to look. From shades and species to grain patterns and textures of real hardwood, SPC flooring Tile spectacularly heightens the realism of having natural wood floors of your home.
Moreover, thanks to modem digital technology, TOPJOY Wood Pattern SPC flooring Tile looks real and natural with its deep Emboss In Register (ERI) in surface and are having over 1000 patterns available for choose. We are hoping our Wood Pattern SPC flooring Tile brings nature into your space, making it biophilic and eco-friendly. In such space, people would experience enhanced creativity and feel more restoration.


Surface Texture

Wood Texture

Overall Thickness




Wear Layer

0.7mm. (28 Mil.)


6” (152mm.)


48” (1220mm.)


UV Coating



Commercial & Residential