Is SPC floor suitable for hospitals?

As we know, hospitals normal choose the traditional vinyl flooring sheet or marble ceramic tile 

to install the ground before. Those are very easy to fall and be injured when walking on them.

So how about the SPC flooring? SPC stone plastic waterproof floor is widely used in hospitals because of its environmental protection, zero pollution, anti-skid, wear-resistant, healthy and green ecological characteristics.



1. Beautiful in sense and style:

The comfortable diagnosis and treatment environment is conducive to the treatment and repair of the body. SPC waterproof flooring has a variety of color patterns, the texture is real and beautiful, making the floor color matching hierarchical.


2. The ground is anti-skid and safer:

The surface of SPC wood floor is anti-skid, which will be more astringent when encountering water feet, and it is not easy to fall. SPC flooring all using environmental protection material and install without glue.


3. High wear resistance and convenient maintenance:

The hospital flooring has very high requirements for wear resistance. Due to the large flow of people, ordinary floors are easily damaged and worn, especially the rollers of medicine carts or beds used in hospitals.


4. Resistance to pathogens:

SPC wood floor surface has experienced a unique antibacterial process, and has a strong corrosion resistance, which can reasonably inhibit the bacteria and bacteria on the wood floor surface, and avoid the breeding of microbial strains inside and outside the wood floor and in the gaps. So it is more suitable for using in hospitals.