How To Choose the Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring and PVC Plastic Flooring:

1. Pay attention to the appearance quality of the product. The high-quality stone plastic flooring has better flexibility, even if it is twisted and bent arbitrarily, there is no crack on the surface.
2. Pay attention to the indicators of physical and chemical properties. Sample inspections are performed before the products leave the factory, and only those that meet the standard requirements are qualified products.


3. Pay attention to the difference between raw materials, such as stone powder and PVC powder, and production process. Good stone plastic flooring uses brand new materials, which have high elasticity, do not like to deform when soaking in water, do not like to shrink and expand when cold and hot, and the edges are not easy to warp.
4. Pay attention to the neatness of specifications. The size of each board must meet the requirements. If the deviation is too large, it will inevitably cause uneven seams and deformation of the pattern, thus affecting the overall decorative effect after the installation.

5. Special attention should be paid to after-sales service guarantee. The quality of construction is as important as the quality of the product, affecting the service life of the stone plastic flooring. The above 5 tips are Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring and PVC Plastic Flooring Selection Methods. Hope you will find your favourite Rigid Core Vinyl flooring for your sweet home!