How to choose a wooden grain SPC click flooring to make your home special?

Do you ever have the same experience for choosing SPC Click flooring?

Light color, medium color, white, dark, gray, brown, brown…How should I choose from so many floor colors?

I like reddish brown vinyl click flooring, but what color furniture is good with it? If it doesn’t match well, will it become a disaster scene? What kind of furniture should the white SPC floor match? Is it too cold?



Don’t worry about it please. Topjoy Industrial Co. Ltd. will help you.


A) Choose SPC Click flooring according to lighting

1、For a room with poor lighting, choose a light-colored SPC click floor with a single texture. Note that it must have a single texture. If the texture is complex, the look and feel will be messy, making the whole room crowded.

2、For a well-lit room, dark or light-colored vinyl click floors are acceptable, and there are not so many requirements for vinyl floor texture!


B) Choose vinyl click flooring according to room size

1、For a room with small size, you can choose light-colored, fine-grained vinyl floor, giving the overall space a bright and open feeling.

2、For the room with large area, you can choose a darker, relatively thick vinyl floor, which will make the entire space become compact at once.