All TopJoy SPC flooring are strictly according to Floorscore standards

On December 29-30, 2020, the FloorScore certification expert team of Beijing Green Onor Technology Service Co., Ltd. conducted a 2-day FloorScore certification on-site audit at factory of TopJoy (Jiangxi Gilardino Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd). The expert team followed the FloorScore certification audit standards and procedures, after listening reports, checking materials, watching the production process, verifying the control effect of the process technology at each control point, and rigorously reviewing the sampling inspection of finished products. The expert team praised the overall layout planning and controlling of environmental quality, raw material quality, recipe and product production process, finished product inspection, etc. All the conditions meet the requirements of FloorScore certification.


FloorScore certification

Floor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) certification

FloorScore certification is a cost-effective certification project jointly developed by the American Flooring Institute (RFCI) and the American Scientific System Certification Co., Ltd. (SCS) to ensure consumers that certified flooring products, including SPC flooring, vinyl click flooring, Rigid core flooring and floor adhesives achieve strict indoor air Quality (IAQ) requirements.

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Strict quality control

Manufacturers certified by FloorScore will implement strict quality control, including strict management of the supply chain. Flooring products such as SPC Click flooring, vinyl flooring and LVT Click flooring marked with the FloorScore trademark meet the indoor air quality emission standards of the US Environmental and Healthy Building Projects: LEED, CHPS, Green Building Guidelines and Health and Safety and are recognized by them. FloorScore floor air quality certification will also be an important step for you to obtain the American National Standard NSF/ANSI 332 sustainability certification.

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FloorScore certification-inspection standards

FloorScore’s product inspection is based on the CA 01350 standard, which includes the long-term exposure reference level (CRE) concentration standard established by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) and the inspection method established by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Assuming that a product detected in an office or classroom may contain organic volatile compounds, the product certified by FloorScore does not exceed the concentration limit 1/2.